Red Letter Day page 18
posted 04-16-2012 at 06:01 am

So we're on a regular update schedule again, I think! Thank you again for being so patient. I'm going to try to get this story arc wrapped up nicely next month, and despite the setbacks, I'm still pretty sure that's doable. On the note of setbacks, there's not going to be a new desktop this month. Too much got in the way, and while I could put something up now, I'd rather not release something like that without it being done to my standards. Also I'd have to make another in two weeks, so that's not fun along everything else. Not too much else to say except you guys should really follow me on twitter and tumblr. Lots of fancy art stuff has been going on there, and I'd love to have you wonderful people join in on live streaming and the like! See you all Friday! I'll be here and here until then and afterwards! -Scott