Red Letter Day Pg 21
posted 05-05-2012 at 06:01 am

Hope you guys like paul's face! So a couple of quick things: -This story arc ends this month! -New Desktop is up! -Old one can be found here! And I wanted to talk to you about a little thing called the Caravan of Comics. It's a group of wonderful Australian cartoonists who've traveled stateside, and if you're in their area, I encourage you to give'em a visit. They'll be at TCAF is this weekend if you're already in Toronto, and I wholly encourage you to drop by and give them and other amazing Webcomic talent a visit. I'll sadly not be in attendance, but that doesn't mean the convention isn't already going to be amazing without lil' ol' me there. Next year, TCAF. Next year! They're also making another pit stop in Chicago on the 11th. Go out and have yourself a grand ol' time! And with that, I leave you until Monday while I have a busy weekend. I fully expect to talk about the avengers on Monday. -Scott