posted 09-14-2012 at 06:01 am

Apologies to Patrick Alexander who totally inspired the format of today's comic. Hilarity comics is much funnier. Nintendo just can't seem to win. Look at any article about Nintendo, read through the comments. Nintendo is doomed through their terrible gimmicks, early or late console with poor hardware, or mobile phones are putting them to a slow and painful death. Now, I'm not exactly the biggest advocate of the WiiU, but Nintendo made a lot of money in the last 5+ years because of everything I just mentioned, and the 3DS is the fastest selling handheld ever. Color me perplexed. Nintendo held a press event yesterday, and while it wasn't a terrible event, it wasn't exactly exciting either. 350 dollars for the system, and a relatively good launch window. Better than any of the current systems at least, and Nintendo is funding Bayonetta 2. Nintendo is known to fund unsuccessful games thinking that a sequel will gain the audience the first one deserves. This was my incorrect way to view this. The correct way to view this event was Bayonetta had been stolen from other platforms, 350 dollars is high way robbery, and the first four months of launch are a barren wasteland. Bringing games up by ten dollars to match costs of 360 and PS3 games is also horrendous. I understand the shaky relationship people has with Nintendo. The wii, despite it's commercial success, performed relatively poorly in terms of enjoyment. If you are like me, you put far more hours into your 360, PS3, or PC games, third party support was mediocre, and the Zelda game that was supposed to really put the system to the test wasn't anything that couldn't have been done without the wii remote. All this said, I can't grasp why there seems to be a need to cry foul at news that is not bad or is in fact good. That kind of strikes me as looking for things to be angry about. -Scott